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"Tanqueray Malacca Gin (40% / 80 Proof) may be a mythical spirit, but in the glass it’s very real. From the nose it’s clear that Malacca is in an entirely different class of gin than Tanqueray London Dry. Whereas Tanqueray London Dry clearly leads with juniper, Malacca dials the juniper way back to harmonize with the citrus. Malacca also adds grapefruit to the citrus in the mix making the nose more fruity than herbal. The entry for Tanqueray Malacca is considerably softer and less astringent than Tanqueray London Dry, partly due to its lower proof (Tanqueray London Dry is 94.6 Proof / 47.3% ABV while Malacca is 80 proof / 40%) but it’s also a result of the solid differences in the botanical levels. Citrus, rather than juniper, leads the entry with a slow and easy build to the spice in the midpalate. As we get to the spicy mid palate, juniper is definitely there but spicy cinnamon is also definitely a costar. There’s a hint of clove that comes in towards the end of the midpalate and that clove helps lead a long, spicy finish with the slightest bit of sweet citrus underneath." -drinkspirits

"Crown Royal Texas Mesquite is a limited edition blended Canadian Whisky infused with Texas mesquite wood flavors. Known for its award winning taste, Crown Royal whisky is meticulously blended with fifty of the finest whiskies to create that signature smoothness that Crown Royal connoisseurs have come to love. Texas Mesquite is a welcome addition to the Crown Royal family providing a smooth and flavorful drinking experience that is perfect for sipping straight, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail."-drizly