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"After the capsule is cut, the cork was gently removed from its tomb. The wine pours into the glass a pale ruby color. The nose is chock full of red fruit notes offering nuances of raspberry, ripe red cherry, baking spices, and a red fruit jam. The palate sums up the nose almost exactly, with a round mouthfeel and a very distinct texture of old vine bark and sand. The age of the vines really brings forth some earthy substance on the back of the palate, which I find very pleasing. The wine finishes smoothly, offering a slight lingering effect. The fruit sourced for this wine came from vines ranging from 20 to 75 years of age." -Texas Wine Lover

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"Ryes are becoming more popular during this whiskey craze. Unfortunately, producers can’t just crank out good juice at a moment’s notice, so we still don’t see an overwhelming number of rye choices on the liquor store shelves. Sourcing from existing stock elsewhere, David Perkins was able to create something really magical with this one as unique and interesting flavors come together for a ridiculously good price. The end product created here gives credence to the concept that the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts. This is an amazingly unique whiskey that should be experienced by all." -Nick breaking bourbon

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