Blackberry Jam Cocktail
3/4 Cup fresh lime juice (from about 5 limes), plus 1 lime, sliced

3/4 Cup blackberry jam
2 Cup gin
1(12-ounce) can club soda
1 Cup fresh mint


Whisk together lime juice and blackberry jam in a pitcher until dissolved. Stir in gin, club soda, mint, and sliced lime. Serve over ice.


Drunk Jack Frosties

1 Cup vodka
1 Cup Champagne
1/2 Cup Blue Curacao
1/2 Cup Lemonade
3 Cups Ice
Lemon wedge

Sanding sugar


In a blender, combine vodka, champagne, blue curacao, lemonade and ice. Blend until combined.
Run a lemon wedge around the rim of each glass then dip in sanding sugar.
Pour frosties into rimmed glasses and serve immediately.

Lifting Spirits for Generations

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